Amen Mix [Feb,2024] #jungle #drumandbass #amenbreak

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01 mSdoS & Blade – Without (Original Mix)
02 Soultec – Rivers (Original Mix)
03 Subway Funk – Information Highway (Original Mix)
04 Enea – Give U A Reason (Original Mix)
05 Scenic – The Things We Do (Original Mix)
06 Chris Sabian – Higher State (Original Mix)
07 mSdoS – Countenance (Velocity Remix)
08 mSdoS – Monocrome (Original Mix)
09 mSdoS – Dreamless (Original Mix)
10 Payback – Inspired (Original Mix)
11 Msdos – Jungle Plants (Original Mix)
12 Static – Muddy Waters (Original Mix)
13 HumaNature & Soulscience – Who Loves You (Original Mix)
14 Payback – Everglade (Original Mix)
15 Resoulution – Signs (Original Mix)
16 nCamargo – Divine (Original Mix)
17 Iandys – Sad (Original Mix)
18 Funkware – Jungle Brotha (Vip) (Original Mix)
19 mSdoS – Murder (Original Mix)
20 Pouyah – Surreal (Original Mix)
21 Stereotype – Like A Bad Habit (Original Mix)
22 Qumulus – Luv Me (Original Mix)
23 Simplification – Start (Original Mix)
24 Imagery – And So It Begins (Original Mix)
25 DJ 007 – After All (Original Mix)
26 Simplification – Love Forever (Brunno Junglist Remix)
27 Simplification & Translate – Situations (Original Mix)
28 Dima Pulsar – Chase Your Star (Original Mix)
29 Cryogenics – 7 Sins (Original Mix)

Immerse yourself in a sonic odyssey with Amen Mix, a DJ set by San José veteran, GyZmo. This isn’t just a mix; it’s a tribute, a reverential exploration of the Amen Break, the drum loop that shattered musical boundaries and propelled genres like drum & bass, jungle, and hip-hop into the stratosphere.

GyZmo, a champion of Costa Rica’s vibrant music scene, takes you on a journey through the Amen’s multifaceted legacy. Deep basslines will rumble your core, while intricate samples and effects paint sonic tapestries that swirl and morph.

This mix isn’t just a nostalgia trip; it’s a testament to the Amen Break’s enduring power. GyZmo weaves modern sounds and influences into the mix, proving that the Amen’s revolutionary spirit continues to ignite creativity across generations.

So, put on your headphones, crank up the volume, and prepare to be transported by the Amen Mix. Let GyZmo, the veteran with a finger on the pulse, show you why the Amen Break truly changed the world.

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