Beneath the fur [EP]

Pioneering DJ and producer GyZmo breaks ground with his new EP, “Beneath the Fur.” This explosive two-track release takes listeners on a journey through the heart of Drum & Bass, infused with the infectious rhythms of Latin music. “Beneath the Fur” showcases GyZmo’s mastery of breakneck beats and pulsating basslines, a signature sound that has […]

En vivo @ Key Largo – Marzo 16 – 2024

Follow GyZmo on Instagram: the Mix (for Free): Step into the heart of the Costa Rican bass music scene with a scintillating live DJ set recorded on March 16, 2024, at the iconic Key Largo in San José. Presented by the one and only GyZmo, this electrifying performance, titled “En vivo @ Key […]

Amen Mix [Feb,2024] #jungle #drumandbass #amenbreak

Follow GyZmo on Instagram: the Mix (for Free): Tracklist: 01 mSdoS & Blade – Without (Original Mix)02 Soultec – Rivers (Original Mix)03 Subway Funk – Information Highway (Original Mix)04 Enea – Give U A Reason (Original Mix)05 Scenic – The Things We Do (Original Mix)06 Chris Sabian – Higher State (Original Mix)07 mSdoS […]

Filthy Jump Up DNB at Barrio Rojo [18.Nov.2023]

🔊 Dive into the rhythmic world of Drum n Bass as GyZmo, the seasoned DJ and Producer from San José, Costa Rica, unleashes a dynamic 60-minute set recorded live at Club Barrio Rojo on November 18, 2023. 🚀

Transport yourself back to the early 2000s with GyZmo’s expertly curated selection of non-stop Jump Up bangers, skillfully blended to keep you on your feet and immersed in the pulsating beats. 🎶


GyZmo’s collaboration with Dynamostar in their album “Cazafantasmas” is a thrilling and unique musical endeavor that takes Latin Drum and Bass and Latin Big Beat to a whole new level. Hailing from Costa Rica, these talented artists have joined forces to create a genre-defying experience that’s set to conquer the world. The album “Cazafantasmas” is […]

Latin Fresh – Tranquilo (GyZmo Bootleg Remix)

GyZmo’s latest remix, “Tranquilo,” is nothing short of a masterpiece in the Latin Jump Up genre. This track breathes new life into the 1996 classic originally performed by Latin Fresh, reviving the spirit of the original while infusing it with modern electronic energy. The remix opens with a tantalizing blend of traditional Latin rhythms, immediately […]


“NEMESIS” is an exciting collaboration that marks a milestone in the Costa Rican music scene. This innovative track, produced by GyZmo and Spitfyah, is an authentic “Latin Jump Up” that brilliantly fuses the unique influences and styles of both producers. GyZmo and Spitfyah, two talented electronic music producers, have joined forces to create a unique […]

La Llorona (2023 DnB)

GyZmo’s latest musical offering, “La Llorona,” is a compelling Latin Jump Up Drum and Bass track that draws inspiration from the haunting and well-known legend of La Llorona. This captivating composition transports listeners to the realm of folklore, seamlessly weaving a chilling tale into a high-energy drum and bass groove. The name “La Llorona” instantly […]

En vivo @ Barrio Rojo (16 Junio 2023) [Liquid Funk]

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable musical odyssey with GyZmo, a veteran Costa Rican DJ and Producer who’s been shaping the DnB soundscape since 1998. Experience his sensational live DJ set, ‘GyZmo en vivo @ Barrio Rojo, recorded on June 16, 2023, at the iconic Barrio Rojo. Listen to En vivo @ Barrio Rojo […]